Another way for following up the projects and sampling.
Customers visit can bring very large numbers of questions and sample requests. We have a simple system where:

  • we follow up samples after four days to ensure safe reception
  • follow up after 10 days if project is going well and another materials are needed
  • at 30 days we follow up again to evaluate the samples progress and use of them
  • after stability testing and marketing testing, we will follow up progress all the way until pilot plant needs and purchasing projections

We work with out clients in project mode: only precise follow up allows evaluation of formulator nees and more important we can detect the potential opportunity to add.

Customer visits and seminars with principals.
A yearly seminar is organized in Paris or other main towns for customers to learn about principal's product range and functions. When principal's technologies are rather mono or low in functions, a group of principals can be coordinated to offer a full day of learning and listening. Customer visit to main target accounts can be organized annually or more if expected from customers.

Exhibitions and advertising.
Many shows are available in Europe and France to push awareness of new materials or company recognition A yearly update is available and o agreement, exhibitions are reserved and organized, based on sound sound budgets. Necessary staffing levels are implemented to fully optimize results.

And full range of free or invoiced services proposed by out experts.

  • Checking the compliance with European regulations
  • Set up the cosmetic dossier and follow up reach compliance and registration
  • Use of our fully equipped analytical laboratory offering technical support in:
          - Scanning Electron Microscopy
          - Zeta Potential measurement CG/MS and HPLC
          - (TEWL) Transepidermal Water Loss -measurements
          - Skin Elasticity -measurements
          - Colour spectrometer
          - Other chemical analyses

  • Technical service translation
  • Update od cosmetic products launched on a monthly base
  • Industrial market surveys
  • IFSCC congress coordination
  • Help intellectual property as trademarks and patent protections

Let's speak about your other possible needs.