Creasperse® UV-products are ready-to-use predispersed mineral UV-filters. They are compositions of nanofine Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide or Iron Oxide dispersed in photostable lipids. Creasperse® products have maximum solid concentration; hence it is easy to obtain high SPF values as well as reliable and consistent UVA-protection.

Technical information

Creasperse® dispersions are photostable; all raw materials used are very inert and don’t produce free radicals in the sunshine. Only rutile type of TiO2-crystals are used, as the anatase type TiO2 is very photoreactive. In the Creasperse® range the physical UV-filters come in a variety of crystal sizes, which allows to choose the appropriate size or sizes depending on the level of UVA and UVB protection required. The UV-pigments are dispersed in such way, that they distribute evenly and offer maximum capacity of UV-screening.

Standard grades of Creasperse® UV-dispersions are based on Hydrogenated Polydecene or Vegetable Squalane, but we can also custom tailor products to fit your formulating needs.

Properties and application areas

Creasperse® products based on Titanium Dioxide are available with three different crystal sizes. The smallest crystal size offers the best protection from UVB-rays, while the Creasperse® products with medium size of Titanium Dioxide crystals offer medium UVA-protection and the biggest size offers the best UVA-protection. The smallest crystal size appears transparent on the skin, while the bigger crystals impart slight whitening upon application. The biggest crystals offer an excellent UVA-protection while creating an "Instant Whitening" effect. These products are widely used in skin whitening ranges and in colour cosmetics. Creasperse® dispersions based on ZnO appear always very transparent on the skin and they also give good UVA-protection. Creasperse® products based on nanofine Iron Oxide impart slight bronzing colour, cutting the unwanted whitening effect of TiO2. They boost slightly the UV-protection, but they are not classified as UV-filters in any country.

We offer SPF in vitro measurements for free for our customers when using Creasperse® products.